The Ultimate Meme Token

Our Mission

Lolcat is undoubtedly the oldest meme, see Wikipedia. We believe it deserves to have the biggest crypto community of them all. Our mission: build the most dedicated crypto community and end the reign of dog-themed tokens and coins like $DOGE and $SHIB. LOLCAT is the one token to rule them all.

Whitepaper, Roadmap, Ecosystem

We don't want to decide upfront the fate of LOLCAT ecosystem. We want to build the community first. And let the community determine what they want LOLCAT to be. You decide it, we build it.

Why Polygon?

LOLCAT tokens live on the Polygon network. As much es we like Ethereum, current gas prices are prohibitively high for the average robinhood trader. Polygon network gives us all the functionality of Ethereum with very low fees, allowing the LOLCAT holders to get the most out of their investment.

How to get LOLCAT

Install Metamask wallet, go to QuickSwap and start holding.

We also give away tokens for free. Drop us an email with your wallet address. With a bit of luck you will be a proud LOLCAT holder soon.


We value community above all and want you to decide, how LOLCAT should look. Therefore, we started a logo and art contest.
Email us your contribution. First three places will be awarded with a generous amount of LOLCAT tokens.